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    Many of our high performance slash resistant garments have already been supplied to numerous prison officers, homeland security and public transport professionals – as well as mental and social health care professionals.

    The outstanding fabric being used for our garments is our very own Cut-Tex® PRO, developed and manufactured only by PPSS here in the UK.

    Cut-Tex® PRO is offering ISO 13997: 1999 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 (the highest possible), EN 388:2003 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 (the highest possible) and ASTM F-1790 Blade Cut Resistance Level 4.

    In addition, we can also confirm that Cut-Tex® PRO is offering EN 388:2003 Tear Resistance Level 4 (the highest possible) and Abrasion Resistance Level 4 (the highest level possible).


    Ever wanted a high performance innovative tube that has the below beneficial features, which is applicable in most of the high pressure building, commercial & industrial plumbing system, HVAC, pipelines used in ship building, aircraft building, locomotive and gas supply?

    With Qtube®, we offer innovative and easy installation fitting method as well as union coupling which connects tube to tube, tube to A/C body.

    • Easy installation
    • Reduction in dew condensation
    • Halogen free
    • Superior high pressure
    • Durability
    • Strong chemical resistance
    • Light weight
    • Competitive price
  • Industries

    ❖ Locomotive

    ❖ Automotive

    ❖ Construction

    ❖ Oil & Gas

    ❖ Marine

    ❖ Heavy Engineering

    ❖ Machinery

    ❖ HVAC

    ❖ MOH & MOD

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