• MagPyro

    The green technology waste disposal machine, using pyrolysis method to dispose waste. Download to know more.

  • MagPyro is self powered without the use of fuel or electricity.

    Solid wastes are melted, NOT burned = reduce emission.

    Dispose done at source or transfer stations, reducing time & cost.

    Ceramic ashes generated can be recycled & reuse.

    MagPyro supports no landfill. Avoid sending wastes to landfill = reduce green house gas.

    Lesser wastes send for flame combustion = reduce harmful emitting pollutants.

  • Market Segments

    Don't know where to apply MagPyro? These are just some of the market segments that we can move into.. If you still have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us..

  • Videos

    Take a look at how the process starts..